Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

- Hippocrates

Healthcare Professional

The foundation for all good health stems from a balanced body.

Your gut is linked to nearly every facet of your health, from your immune system to your mood.

Helping your patients understand there’s a better way is where it all starts.

Your health and your gut microbiome

Your gut microbiome is the epicenter of the body.  It regulates gut health, immune health, metabolic health, skin health, and brain health — influencing how we look and feel.

Nearly every hormone stems from the gut.

The nutrients you get in your body, or don't, will affect hunger, metabolism, energy, weight, mental health, sleep, blood sugar, mood, cravings, inflammation, fertility, menstruation, and male and female hormone levels.

This knowledge helps us realize the absolute POWER we have in controlling EVERY ASPECT of our mind and body with proper NUTRITION.

What you eat today will affect how you feel tomorrow.

The science of balancing the body

The body is primed for absorption and to be balanced FIRST in the day, after your nightly fast.

What you take in your body at this time is critical to properly activate and nourish the gut and the microbiome.

LIVEDEN Superfood is a Superfood specifically designed to be taken first in the day to nourish and properly activate the microbiome, balance the body, and fuel the mind.

With powerful green superfoods like Organic Spirulina and Chlorella, all essential Vitamins and Minerals, pre and probiotics, 10 grams of vegetable-based protein, digestive enzymes, immune support, neural support, detoxification and liver support, powerful antioxidants to combat oxidative stress, adaptogen and hormone support (healthy body, healthy mind), and all essentials for healthy hair, skin and nails.

All in ONE.

Over 60 precisely curated ingredients, to perfectly balance you.


Shake. Blend. Love.

It only takes 60 seconds to start your day right.

LIVEDEN Superfood

Drink LIVEDEN Superfood first in the morning to balance your body, nourish the gut, and stabilize your blood sugar. Simple.

Our Healthcare Professionals know the power of a balanced body and benefit from sharing this message with their patients.