Become a LIVEDEN Ambassador

Ambassadors know the power of a balanced body. And benefit from sharing this message with others.

About the Program

Our Ambassadors share LIVEDEN's mission that optimal health comes with a balanced body.

Through our program, Ambassadors get rewarded for using their influential voice to share and promote their experience with LIVEDEN. They get an Ambassador link to earn commissions, receive exclusive company information, special product promotions, direct access to a dedicated LIVEDEN Ambassador Manager, join a rockstar community, and so much more.

Becoming a LIVEDEN Ambassador means you are an extension of our brand and our mission to help individuals balance their body and achieve optimum health. Now more than ever, it's important to use your voice and influence to be a LIGHT to EMPOWER your Community with what they need to live their best life.

Who this program is designed for

LIVEDEN Ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds and create a community of passionate and talented individuals that inspire and empower their communities. Our Ambassadors include Influencers, Athletes, Gyms, Training Centers, Spas, and anyone who has an influential voice that believes in healthy living and helping others achieve their greatest health.

Optimum health requires the body to be in balance.

It's more than just us

You can feel good knowing your promotions are also feeding children in need throughout the world.

We all want to be a part of something bigger

LIVEDEN Ambassadors are able to track how many meals their promotions have donated. Sharing this information allows your community to realize the impact they are making in the world.

Are you ready to make a difference?